About Us

SCHS takes a holistic approach to the needs of clients and the community with an emphasis on continuous quality improvement and excellence in service delivery based on the principles of collaborative primary care.


Our Vision

Promoting health and well-being.

Our Mission

We will provide coordinated, safe and effective person-centred care.

Our Values

Our staff are in a unique position of trust requiring standards of behaviour that reflect community expectations. Our Code of Conduct applies to all SCHS employees whether full time, part time, casual, contract, permanent, temporary, trainee or apprentice.

Maintaining the trust of the public means our staff properly using the resources, information and authority to:

Ensure that the personal interests of our staff do not adversely influence the way we carry out our duties.

Complying with Acts, Regulations, Guidelines and Policies relevant to our work.

The following four broad values underpin our ethics and standards of conduct:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Empowerment