Men's Behaviour Change
Program (MBCP)

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Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP)

MBCP Provides:

  • Assessment of men who self-refer, are referred by others or who are mandated to attend a program. It is recommended when making a referral that the man is involved in the referral process including initial contact.
  • Men’s Behaviour Change Program is 40 hour group based program designed to run weekly for 2 hrs over 20 weeks.
  • Focuses on engaging men to take responsibility for their use of violent and controlling behaviour, whilst being respectfully challenged to use appropriate non-violent and noncontrolling behaviours.
  • Partner contact workers work with partners and ex-partners to maximize their safety and to support their journeys of healing and empowerment throughout the course of the program.

Service Information

  • Promotes the safety and wellbeing of women and children at all times.
  • The Men’s Behaviour Change Program provides an opportunity to develop more
    satisfying relationships, learn non abusive behaviour, challenge old ways of thinking and acting, develop a caring respect for yourself and others whilst develop responsibility for your own actions.
  • There are many behaviours that men may choose to use to control and disempower women and children. These have serious and lasting effects on a person’s sense of self, well-being and autonomy. Furthermore, they breach people’s rights to health, safety, freedom of expression and autonomy.
  • Men are encouraged to talk about and reflect on the impacts of their violence on women and children. Men are provided with information and evidence about the effects of violence on women and children, and women’s and children’s voices have a place in every group session.


  • Demonstrated willingness to consider the possibility of acknowledging and addressing their violent behaviour.
  • Show a desire, commitment and capacity to attend and participate in the entire
  • Show a willingness to keep their partner and children safe (or acknowledge their
    right to be and feel safe, where men do not have contact).
  • Agree to program staff having regular contact with any women and children who
    might be affected by their violent and controlling behaviour.


There is no cost for this service.

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