Pain Management

SCHS takes a holistic approach to the needs of clients and the community with an emphasis on continuous quality improvement and excellence in service delivery based on the principles of collaborative primary care.

Pain Management

What does pain assessment involve?

Our multidisciplinary pain management team consists of:

  • Pain Management Care Coordinator
  • Pain Physician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Social Worker

Pain is complex and usually has multiple causes and contributing factors. Therefore over a period of weeks, a comprehensive pain assessment will be undertaken by several members of our multidisciplinary team.

On completion of the assessments, the care coordinator and physiotherapist will discuss with you the main factors identified as contributing to your pain and work with you to develop a self management treatment plan.

What then?

After working through your management plan, we will review things with you. Although most chronic pain cannot be cured, most pain can be better managed.

The aim is for you to return to the care of your GP with a better understanding of your pain and more skills to manage it yourself.


Any person aged over 18 years with persistent non-cancer pain (3 months or more) who does not have a current compensation claim (TAC, DVA & Workcover).

Make an Appointment

How to access the pain management service?

This is by GP referral only, directed to:
Dr Velayudhan
Multidisciplinary Pain Program
Ramsay Specialist Clinic
Suite 1, 239-241 Thirteenth street, Mildura

You will be contacted by our staff and booked in to attend one of our 90 minute ‘introduction to pain’ sessions which explain what pain is and what treatment options are available through our service.

If you wish to proceed with a pain assessment, a two hour initial appointment is made with both the Pain Management Care Coordinator and Physiotherapist.