10,000 Steps Challenge – Get Up and Go Sunraysia!

Registrations open: Monday 1st – Monday 29th July 2019

Challenge starts: Wednesday 1st August 2019

Challenge finishes: Friday 31st August 2019

Download 10000 steps calendar here

Ten thousand steps – is just above the recommended daily level of physical activity recommendations for a healthy adult. How many steps have you stepped today?

Our Health Promotion team are running the seventh annual 10,000 Steps Challenge from Thursday 1st August – Saturday 31st August 2019. For just over 4 weeks, we will be challenging teams across the region to get healthy and active.

Compete against teams in the education, workplaces, masters, community and new this year individual tournaments for the prestigious ‘Golden Sneaker’.

Walk your way to great prizes

There are a range of great prizes to be won, including the prestigious ‘Golden Sneaker Award’ for the overall winning team.

10,000 Steps Breakfast Celebration – Friday 6th September 2019

2019 Prizes

First Prize:
– The Annual Golden Sneaker Trophy

Tournament Prize:
– The Annual Tournament Trophy

Second Prize:

Third Prize:

Additional Prizes:

– Social Media Gurus
– Most Motivational Captain (by Nominations)
– Most Motivated Individual (by Nominations)

Plus weekly social media prizes and encouragement awards up for grabs!

More information on 2019 prizes to come.

Step conversion chart

Not a fan of walking or running? Don’t worry other physical activity is also counted in the Challenge.

For those times when you choose an activity other than walking, check this table to determine the activity’s equivalent number of steps.

Click here to download printable 10,000 Steps-Step Conversion Chart

A lot of people have asked us how many steps different activities are worth.

Simply multiply the number of minutes you do an activity by the number of steps indicated on the chart. For example, 30 minutes of yoga equals 3000 steps. (30 minutes x 100 steps per minute).

If your activity is not listed below, find the one(s) most similar to it and estimate the activity’s step value.

Resources & Apps

SCHS have approximately 400 pedometers available for 6 week loan from all Mildura Rural City Council Libraries.

HTM Pedometer Instructions

Access 10,000 Steps Resources here for step trackers, posters and step conversion chart and more.  Use these resources to help recruit and motivate team members.

Fit Bit

Runtastic pedometer

Steps Pedometer and Step Counter Activity Tracker

Don’t want to wear a pedometer?  Download one of the many free pedometer and physical activity trackers above


1. Each participant must have an active 10000 Steps account. Use an old account or register a new one on the official www.10000steps.org.au webpage.

2. Create a team in your early childhood service, school, workplace, community group or with friends and family.  Teams can have a maximum of 10 team members.

3. Nominate a Team Captain, come up with a fun team name and choose your tournament. Early childhood services, schools and higher education providers choose the education tournament. All other workplaces, you guessed it, choose the workplace/organisation tournament. Community groups, teams, friends and family teams choose the community tournament. If your team is all over 50 years old, you are welcome to choose the masters tournament. This is the first year we will have an individual tournament. So for individuals who would like a personal challenge, no strings attached, choose the individual tournament.

4. Complete the registration process online here.  Or download ‘Team Captain Registration Form’ complete form and return by email or fax.  Individuals use this form too. Your team name can be your name or something fun or meaningful to you. Registration forms are to be completed for all participating teams.

5. Await confirmation email from our SCHS Health Promotion team with competition details.

6. For the duration of the challenge, record your steps and log online.

The 10,000 Steps app is now available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Click here to download 10,000 Steps Team Captain Registration Form

Pedometers are available for 6 week loan from all Mildura Rural City Council Libraries.

Log steps daily via your account www.10000steps.org.au

Contact details: Health Promotion team – hp@schs.com.au P: (03) 50217622 F: (03) 5022 5445.

Why 10,000 steps?

Sounds like a lot, but when you see it takes 500 steps to walk from the car park to the supermarket you’re well on your way to hitting your goal. Reaching 10,000 steps every day will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read 10,000 Steps articles to learn more.

2018 Results

1st place Overall Winner of the Golden Sneaker

Charlie’s Oompa Loompas – Mildura Pizza Café

1st place Tournament Winners

Schools: Pimp MyStride – Mildura Central Early Learning

Workplaces: Big Dub – Big W

Community: Charlie’s Oompa Loompas – Mildura Pizza Café

Masters: Golden Oldies

Fitness: Strike Force Kickboxing Steppers

Individual Prizes

Most Motivated Individual Award: Jason Howards 10kg weight loss from Lets Go Klemms, Klemms Newsagency

Most Motivated Individual Honourable Mention: June Salter, Golden Oldies

Most Improved Individual: Karen Scott, Scotty

Highest Stepping Individual: Christiane Jeager, The Speedsters

2nd Highest Stepping Individual: Gabby Dean, Charlie’s Oompa Loompas

Social Media Gurus: In Leaps & Bounds

Most Motivational Community Team Captain Award: Selina Moule, Brushed Potatoes

Most Motivational Master Team Captain Award: Noeleen Carn, Golden Oldies

Most Improved Team: Tiina Yurpda Mundi (Leaving Footprints in the Sand)