Salad Platter

Choose 2 salads per platter.

Sumo Salad recommend: Chicken Low GI Salad
& Thai Beef Leaf green catering

serves 10 – 12

Salad Bowl

Sumo Salad recommend: Jamaican Chicken & Lentils green catering

serves 4 – 6


Sumo Salad recommend:
Tandoori Chicken green catering
Falafel and Hummus green catering

Each wrap is served cut in half.



Sumo Salad recommend:
Chicken, Bacon & Avocado orange catering
Roasted Vegetable green catering

Each roll is served cut in half.


Please contact the caterer for their full menu and inform the caterer when ordering for any special dietary requirements, including Vegetarian and Gluten Free. Please place order 24hours prior to event.