Parent Support Service

Are you welcoming a new baby into the world? Let us support you through the transition into early parenthood.

Parent Support Service

SCHS Parent Support Service works towards a community where:

  • Children are healthy, safe, respected and develop to their full potential.
  • Parents are knowledgeable, skilled, confident and supported
  • Parents and children enjoy positive interactions and relationships.

What we want to achieve:

  • Children have improved wellbeing and sense of belonging.
  • Parents are confident and able to delight in their children.
  • Parents are responsive, flexible and perceptive.
  • Families have enhanced parenting skills.
  • Communities are provided with useful evidence based information on the early years.
  • Parents gain practical advice and helpful tips in parenting.

Assisting parents to meet the challenges of parenthood

This service empowers parents with practical support, education and advice to assist them in developing the skills necessary to confidently manage the challenges of early arenthood.
Parents may be concerned with their child’s sleeping behaviours during the day/night, problems with breastfeeding, how parents feel within themselves with the possibility of development of postnatal depression or concerns about how to best care for their child.

Family Focus

The friendly and professional staff here at SCHS Parent Support Service are ready to listen to your concerns and offer suggestions to assist with any parenting difficulties.
Our staff are approachable and easy to talk to and can provide support, education and advice about parenting in a sensitive individual approach to care. We work in partnership with you, to assist in developing new skills and increase your confidence and enjoyment of parenting. The SCHS Parent Support Service is open to mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster parents and others caring for babies and young children.

Day Stay Unit

SCHS Parent Support Service offers a day stay unit that parents book into with their babies or toddlers. During the time you spend in the unit you set realistic short term goals, learn and practise new skills which could be related to unsettled babies, lactation and breastfeeding support, sleep and settling etc.
Up to two families will attend on the same day. We have a shared family lounge and kitchen area with two separate children’s sleep spaces. The unit also has a large interactive play area and court yard for the whole family to enjoy.

Day Stay hours
The Parent Support Service is open from 9:30am till 4 pm.


In line with SCHS policy, fees will be determined at intake based on family income.

Make an Appointment

Ring for a booking
If you’re finding it difficult to meet the challenges of parenting, have sought the help of your local M&CH nurse or doctor and are still having problems please call our unit direct on (03) 5022 5444 or talk to your health professional to make a referral.